IAB Canada Training

A critical element of IAB Canada’s commitment to the industry is to build human capital through education, certification and networking.

Globally, IAB is recognized as the gold standard in education for online advertising. In Canada IAB has proudly led the training of the digital media workforce for over a decade and, as the only association that is actively setting standards, policies and solutions to secure the supply chain globally, are best positioned to continue set the standards of education in the field moving forward.

Data 2.0

Data is the currency of digital marketing. It is at the core of every marketing and media decision made online and its importance is only growing. As reliance on data to make marketing decisions increases it is important that you, as a digital marketing professional, have a good understanding of how data is gathered, implemented and governed so you can make the best possible decisions and see the best return on your marketing efforts.

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Digital Media Buying and Planning

The course will cover all aspects of the digital media buying and planning process from analyzing the client brief to managing and optimizing campaigns. Great for those preparing for the DMSC exam or for anyone looking to deepen their expertise.

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Digital Media Sales

The IAB Canada Digital Media Sales 2-Day course was specially designed for media sales people to better understand the media they are responsible to generate revenues for. We will cover everything from the technical aspect of digital marketing (advertising formats, technologies, media math, policy and standards) to the human elements of selling such as how to conduct needs assessments, creating a proposal, analyzing performance + much more!

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Programmatic Media 1.5 Day

Programmatic advertising's ever growing presence in Canada continues to change the way digital media is bought and sold. In 2019, it was estimated that programmatic accounted for 86.4% of all digital display ad spend* and that number is expected to continue to rise. Get up-to-speed on the basics of programmatic and much more with our all intensive in-person course.

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Digital Media Fundamentals

The Integrated Digital Marketing course is our most popular course, if you are new to digital marketing or if you want to stay current with what is happening with digital marketing, this course is for you! This crash course provides a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing and advertising industry and is in an interactive classroom format that provides plenty of time for class discussions so bring your questions.

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Paid Search Marketing

Want to learn paid search marketing, but are not sure where to start? This interactive course is for you. The IAB Canada Paid Search course will teach you all you need to know about paid search marketing from account structure,…

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course

A deep dive into SEO with practical strategies, techniques and considerations for maximizing brand performance on all of your “owned” channels, including your brand’s website and social media channels, that will help you get found online. This course will cover…

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