Following up on their initial session on the “Changing Face of Canada: The Why & The ROI” earlier this year, Howard Lichtman – Co-founder of Ethnicity Matters, and Rahul Sethi – Director of Insights at Vividata, will do a deeper dive into the multicultural opportunity in CPG.  Some of the topics that they will cover include:

  1. Quick Recap of the Multicultural Opportunity for CPG
  2. The Role of Retail and Ethnicity
  3. E-Commerce/Direct-to-Consumer as a Greater Opportunity
  4. Brand Loyalty
  5. The Missed Opportunity for Global Brands:  Think Global/Act Local
  6. The Role of Content
  7. The Role of Influencers
  8. The Role of Activations
  9. The COVID Effect
  10. Consumer Attitudes and Preferences


  • Howard Lichtman, Co-founder, Ethnicity Matters
  • Rahul Sethi, Director of Insights, Vividata