The IAB’s Legal Affairs Council launched the Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project (“CJPP”) in August of 2020 with the goal of exploring how the privacy laws of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore, and South Korea apply to the digital advertising industry. In addition to surfacing how these laws compare to each other, the CJPP provided an opportunity to examine how participants in digital ad transactions could more efficiently communicate their compliance with those laws through a global privacy string being developed by the IAB Tech Lab. The Cross-Jurisdiction Privacy Project consisted of two phases.

The first phase encompassed the drafting of this CJPP Compendium. The second phase involved the compilation of a chart, the CJPP Legal Specifications, representing those elements of the applicable privacy laws that digital advertising counterparties need to communicate to one another to demonstrate their compliance with such laws through a global privacy string. The work was prepared by IAB to inform the IAB Tech Lab and the digital advertising industry stakeholders as they develop the global privacy framework.