A deep dive into SEO with practical strategies, techniques and considerations for maximizing brand performance on all of your “owned” channels, including your brand’s website and social media channels, that will help you get found online.

This on-demand course will cover all aspects of SEO at your own pace.


  • How SEO fits into web design and development 
  • Understand how SEO is set to change with the rise of the “real-time” web and its impact on search engine results 
  • In-page optimizations 
  • Off-page optimizations 
  • Content strategy development


  1. Search Engine Optimization Basics 
  2. Developing a Keyword Strategy 
  3. On-Page SEO 
  4. Content Strategies 
  5. Off-Page SEO 
  6. Social Media for SEO 
  7. Tracking  
  8. Troubleshooting 
  9. Emerging SEO trends 

Course Policies

All educational materials provided by IAB Canada are meant for the exclusive use of the individual attendee, and no portion of any of the educational materials provided by IAB Canada may be downloaded, scanned, copied, reproduced or in any other way distributed or made available for use by anyone but the original individual registrant or attendee at the session(s).